HAPC Podcast Ep. #05a: Selling Out vs. Surviving: Where to Draw the Line? (Part 1/2)

A discussion of Samantha Aliston of the Pacific North West Side’s article on selling out
(available here)
with commentary, including personal events and how I handled them without abandoning my principles and specific difficulties one faces having principles counter to the larger community.

I will also recommend another podcast during each of my own. For this podcast, the recommendation is The History of Yugoslavia Podcast.

New Episode of The History of Alt Politics & Culture Podcast

Episode #3 explores the trials and tribulations of Chef Khemuel Sanders of Decatur, IL, whose personal kitchen was raided, all kitchen equipment confiscated, food from personal refrigerator confiscated, and house completely searched with all electrical items unplugged, because he was feeding the homeless. His culinary degree and sanitation and food certifications were insufficient, given he lacked a proper permit and violated the “Cottage Foods law”. Then, I discuss a mother who was unable to see her son who was shot. While the police arrested her for being upset, her son died. Then, a discussion of the Austin, TX PD training their officers to see citizens as the enemies, the homeless and sex workers as “cockroaches” and other disgusting tactics. Finally, we close off with a letter from Ernst Thallman, where he discusses the real problem before Hitler took power: social fascism in the form of social democrats and trade unionists.