We are a small business focusing on educating the populace, through independent research, publishing, and bringing forth often controversial ideas and topics to the forefront for honest debate. We accomplish this through podcasts, free courses, tutoring services, books, articles, research publications, and videos. We are funded mostly through a value-for-value model: pay what you believe the resources are worth! Advertising helps fill in the financial gaps.

The public schools often fail our students by failing to provide an accurate account of our history and culture. Critical thinking is rarely a part of the curriculum. Common core takes fascinating topics and reduces them to boring drivel. We are here to change that!

A portion of all donations goes towards tutoring and other educational services for the economically disadvantaged or persons who have other barriers to either accessing, or benefiting from, standard available resources.

End the wars and begin a revolution focused on honesty and education! Unite under the twin principles of self-ownership and non-aggression!