Employment Opportunity – Part-Time / Contract

Web Developer / WordPress Trainer
Rate of Pay: $10.00 / hr + bonus(es)
Hours: 5 hours per week – 3.5 working on WordPress site + 1.5 training business co-owner on managing / using WordPress.

I am looking for someone seeking part-time work, who is self-motivated and requires only minimal supervision. I want this WordPress site to have a professional appearance and contain specific information and resources. Other than that, full creative freedom is provided to the creator.

Position is available immediately. This position will last through August 2018 at minimum. Contract will renew on a monthly basis after August 2018, with potential pay increases, additional hours and duties, and potential bonuses negotiated prior to renewal month. Pay is issued every Sunday.

This is an excellent position for a college student in graphic design, computer science, information sciences, information technology, marketing, or other related fields who is seeking experience and an addition to their professional portfolio.

Interested candidates may apply by email: n9mtk (at) juno.com OR by sending a text message to (765) 588-8889.

The Abandoned Books Podcast is here!!!

I finally discovered my niche for a podcast: a series on the various books I find in the trash or on free book carts! Books given as gifts do not count — these books must have been rescued from a trip to the landfill!

Episode 1 provides an introduction then discusses the first portion of the Israeli Arab Dilemma (2nd ed). This will be the book we cover for the first few episodes.